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Now I can bring my Airplane Window View to my Living Room

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

It was my first time to London and I have a lot of anticipation and not knowing what to expect.

Finally the flight captain announced that we were expecting to land at London Heathrow soon after a 12 hours flight from Singapore.

The sun have already dipped below the horizon and we were flying pass the city from high above. London city was gleaming glamorously, beneath me I saw warm tints of amber coming from stretch of shop houses, tall buildings, roads and streetlamps.

The view was surreal and I’ve never seen anything so beautiful before & my attention was called upon by the captain announcing “Cabin crew prepare for landing”! OH HELLO LONDON, here we come!

London by night is so spectacular, the magnificent view of the Tower Bridge lit up along the Thames and the great dinner I had with the whole family overlooking Trafalgar Square, it was the quality time spending with my family that tops everything.

Then I came across this unique ART decorative display call ‘NITELANDING Lamp’ by ZERO DEGREE at . It have this same connection & feeling like the one I had the view from the airplane window seat.

Memories of the great and happy time I spent with my family in London were running at the back of my head & I smiled to myself. No longer do I need to go London again if I were to get that glimpse of the beautiful evening view of London City from high above cause certainly I can get the same feeling just by looking at the NITELANDING Lamp itself.

Not only the NITELANDING Lamp display looks stunning when the lamp is switch on but also looks incredible when being displayed during the day even when the lamp is turn off.

Do check them out at for more info.

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NITELANDING LAMP is a modern lamp decoration ART, featured details 3D city map for home decorative items. Style your home with wall art in the day, and experience your night landing view at night. Design Patent 180303002649 NITELANDING™ is a subsidiary brand under ZERO DEGREE®

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